Behavioral Learning Software

We provide matlab- and winBUGS-based software that estimate the learning curve and learning trial of a single subject or a population of subjects by analyzing behavioral data obtained in a learning experiment. The learning curve characterizes the dynamics of the learning process as a function of trial number and is plotted along with its upper and lower 95% confidence bounds. The learning trial is defined as the first trial on which there is reasonable certainty ( 0.95) that for the remainder of the experiment the subject performs better than chance.

SSGLM Software

This web site contains illustrations and Matlab code for analysis of within-and between-trials dynamics of spiking activity from multiple spike trains using state-space generalized linear models as described in the paper.

Heart Rate Variability Software

This software is actively being developed and is currently only available as a demo version.

Granger Causality Measure for Point Processes (GCPP) Software

Matlab code for identifying Granger causality between multiple neural spike train data is provided

mPSCAnalysis Software

Coming Soon

nSTAT: neural Spike Train Analysis Toolbox

Cajigas I, Malik WQ, Brown EN. nSTAT: Open-Source Neural Spike Analysis Train Analysis Toolbox for Matlab

J. Neurosci. Methods (link)

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This website provides MATLAB codes for the SS-MT algorithm as a demo version.

Kim S-E, Behr M, Ba D, Brown EN. State-Space Multitaper Time-Frequency Analysis. State-Space Multitaper (SS-MT) Time-Frequency Analysis Software PNAS, 115(1):E5-E14, (2018)